We are constantly innovating and bringing to market the latest technologies, materials, and fabrics – all designed to support aching joints and sore muscles that aid in recovery. We are always aiming higher - so you can too.

Manufactured with copper ions bound at the fiber level during the manufacturing process, our copper infusion process will not easily wash out or quickly wear away, and has been tested to remain effective for wash after wash.

Our compression technology provides specific, targeted support for muscles and is designed to alleviate soreness and reduce recovery time so you can get more out of every workout or activity.

Copper's natural properties provide protection against bacteria that can cause stains and odors

Our Venting technology is a purposeful design element that creates a small window, an escape route, for the build-up of body heat.

A technology or design element that will provide added cushioning to aid in the absorption of impact. Used primarily in footwear such as socks, insoles, and shoes.

Our cooling technology is a fabric finish that helps keep the product consistently cool to the touch.
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